Do you need an aerial mapping solution?

Do you want to see the land in 3D without waste your money?


Try our aerial mapping and photography services!

With a special camera and a professional software, we are able to offer 2D and 3D mapping services also with high resolution, with a final result better also to satellite mapping system… and everything without waste your money!

Aerial mapping are the best solution for:

  • land mapping;
  • architectural survey;
  • aerial photography of critical areas and protected areas;
  • high detail measurement from the sky.

What can you get from an aerial mapping and aerial photogrammetry?

Vital information for your business. In particular, you can get:

  • Ortophoto
  • DTM
  • DSM
  • Point cloud
  • NDVI photo (in case of NDVI scanning)

Contact us, we will be happy to offer to you the best solution for your aerial survey!