Let your business fly with fantastic aerial shots!


Are you a photographer who likes to take shoots from the sky and offer to your customers aerial views for their event? Or are you the owner of an hotel, an house or a banquet hall and do you want to enhance your photos with fantastic aerial shots?

Whatever your profession is, a Drone is certainly for you!

See the WOW effect on the face of your customers with fantastic aerial shots!

It’s a simply solution, easy and accessible for everyone but at the moment it is adopted by few people, even if it’s more and more complex find new customers. Try to image how much you can enhance your business if only you could show it in totally new perspective!

Your location in the middle of a green land, the blue of the sea from the terrace of your restaurant, the curved shape of your swimming pool or the history of your hotel: there are only few things that will be enhanced with an aerial photo and that will be the difference between you and your competitors!

If you are a photographer and if you want to impress your customers with a totally new service, it’s time to try the aerial photography & videography, it’s time to became a specialist in this incredible field!


Making shots from high is really a so effective solution?

Sure! Thanks to our Drones, super-easy multicopters, you can take aerial shots from the sky,  giving to your videos an amazing perspective full of beauty and uniqueness.

So, what I have to do?

Change perspective! Make the difference between you and your competitors and show to your customers your business and your services from another point of view. Remember… Aerial view are able to show things that are impossible to see from the land!

Why a Drone?

There are 3 main reasons :

  1. finally you will find the visibility that are you looking for (over internet, on the fliers and everything that is printed): your contact and customers will improve soon;
  2. you won’t waste money with a return of investment shortly;
  3. You could ask your Drone and we will design and assembly following your professional needs at 100%.

Still not convinced? I tell you a story…

Some years ago the drones didn’t exist. One my friend, a lawyer, needed to take aerial shots to understand if an house was abusive or not. I proposed to him what there was at that time: photos from satellite (very expensive) or shoots from a private airplane (less expensive).

He chose the second option. Well, he boarded on the plane, took some photos (some photos were out of focus also for the vibration from the same airplane), then he landed and told to me: I’ll never take aerial shots!

Do you want to know why? Because, compared to the service he received, he paid a lot (still today take shots from the sky with a plane or an helicopter costs several thousands of euro), there was lot of turbulence (also his photos from the best angles were bad!) and, dulcis in fundo, felt ill, reaching to vomit in the post flight!

So why it is a so efficient solution take aerial shots from the sky?

Because today to make those photos it not necessary to board on that small plane, anymore! With Drones you will stay on the ground and in the meanwhile you will see liveview everything your drone is looking at.

Are you convinced now?

That the AerialClick promise: without waste your money, with Black Hunter Drone you will be noticed by your potential clients and collect more and more contacts, day after day.

What are you waiting? Contact us and will be happy to help you with your questions!