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Fly with a drone: 3 modes to fly over limits

How to fly in a totally secure manner and perform professional aerial services

Are you a photographer, a surveyor or an engineer and you want to grow your business through the use of drones, but you are afraid to fly with them?

Follow me and I’ll teach you how to fly a drone today is very intuitive and does not require huge skills. Keep in mind this word, “flight modes” and pilot your next drone will be a breeze!

Today on the market you can find several drones, some small, other larger, some with very simple electronic and hard to handle, others very complex but at the same time easy to use.

How can you overcome your fear of flying a drone without spending a fortune on expensive flying courses?

As you know, very often flying a drone is not a child’s play. Normally it takes months and years of experience, courses, “accidents”, hard landings … You are right, sometimes it’s not so easy!

It’s at this point that electronics comes in action! Thanks to the new technologies you can learn to fly a drone in a few hours and with a number of heavy landings close to zero!

What are these “flight modes”?

The flight modes are automatic modes to fly safely. Some electronics have few flight modes (see NAZA, basic series), others have an immense number (such as APM electronic). Let’s look at 5 flight modes that will help you in piloting the drone without complications.

“Stabilize Mode”: Stabilize mode is the main basic flying mode of a drone and at the same time the most difficult to manage. In this mode, the pilot must control every aspect of the flight, from the rolling to the position of the throttle, from the position to throttle.

“Altitude” is the mode used by those who want to fly a drone in an intuitive manner, correcting the atmospheric effects (primarily the wind). In this mode, the drone maintain a fixed altitude while the pilot controls the plane. The drone behaves a bit like a radio-controlled car located at a certain height from the ground.

“Loiter”: it’s like the altitude hold but also responds to the atmospherical events. If there is a wind from the left, the drone will oppose the wind and it will maintain the same position. In our opinion it’s the best way to pilot the drone!

“RTL”: “return to launch”. This very useful flight mode is used to recover your drone when you do not know where it is or if you’ve lost visual contact with it. A single input and voila, your drone come back home like Lassie.

“Land” Mode: It’s a good way to land safely. Don’t you feel safe the land in the manual mode?. With just one click your drone takes control and lands alone. Convenient, easy, fast and intuitive ..

What is the added value of flying with one of these modes?

Flying with these modes makes you are sure to bring your drone back home safe but, most important, you will be able to make aerial shoots in a stable and professional way.

I suggest you to try the benefits of  Drone Hunter, drone which incorporates not only all these flight mode but adds others more intuitive fly modes (we will describe them in a future article).

Only in this way you can be sure to bring home your drone and your customers to receive a professional service with high added value!

To the next flight!

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