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Photographer, blogger or maker? Get a profession with the Interior design

By Sabrina Barbante

No need to tell how important is the photography, visual story telling and creativity in the field of the interior design.
This field can be for creative professionals a good key to find new clients and opportunities because:

  • creativity is the essence of the interior products
  • it’s a subject that every body is or will be interested in
  • it is a subject studded with a thousand sub-topics (different styles, different furnishings, etc.) and is therefore easier to always have new thing to talk/write about.

If you like this subject, let’s find out together 3 professions that can find a quick development focusing on interior design.

interior design

#1 – Photographers

Anyone who has a furniture company or showroom needs a good photographer to let it be know and shared. Your professionality as photographer can be the very first opportunity for peoplee to ‘enter’ the showroom.
We already wrote, in a previous article, about the best techniques and tools to make unique interior pics (focus, poles, even drones) .

By following these tips you may create a small online portfolio and, most important, create the related board on Pinterest and create an hashtag on Instagram with your shots.

Even an architectural firm could have (indeed, certainly has) the need of a good promotion and Visual  campaign, to promote their skills and services.
Before you even propose an architect your services, you may ask him/her to start a collaboration  and provide together your services to real estate agencies, magazines, showrooms.

(you might also be intereste in the article  Are you a photographer? 7 tips to manage your social media)

design moderno

#2 – Blogger and young journalists

Let’s be clear: writing that a white or green clock suits good on a red wall is not enough to create and manage an interior design blog.
This is a topic full of facets, styles, techniques that touche the architecture but also the materials, crafts, fashions! So you have to study!
And that, in theory, studying is something bloggers and story teller should love.
But the better part is that, since this is a subject so vast, it is impossible to have creative crisis.
Moreover, blogs dealing with  interior design are the most visited, after the cooking blog, lifestyle, fashion and before the travel blogs and technology blogs, so if you write constantly and know how to vehiculate your contents on the social networks,  you can have in a few months a great visits package to show and offer to new customers.

des ft

#3 – Artisans and makers

It’s wrong to think that the world of design and interior are resting only to large production companies and big brands. Indeed, at this time more than ever, interior design is experiencing a period of ‘happy decrease’, looking at the quality and even higher prices, giving up the mass-production.
This is partly due to the recent discoveries about the tumor incidences caused by synthetic glues used in the low cost furniture manufacture.
So for the designer and maker it’s the best time to offer their prototypes directly to small show room or on online channels as DaWanda and even directly to your personal site!
In fact, more and more users start decorating their homes with their own free ideas, buying on line, starting from a personal project design. And your products could make a difference and be suited to the idea of more than someone out there!

Again, the advice we give to everyone is ‘networking’! Collaborate with other creative professionals because it is the best way to work well and better.

Only with a good net you work can survive in the complex sea of creative jobs.


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