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Photos in the snow: The 4 Secrets to make it special

4 tools and tips to make unique shots in the snow

They say it will be a momentous winter, throughout Europe.
So many photographers, instead of panicking, are already preparing to photograph this climatically challenging winter where, they say, it will snow even at generally milder latitudes

Let’s see together 4 tricks to make intense images taken on the snow, trying to exploit all the elements that attract the most of the attention in the winter landscape.

But first of all let’s focus on one thing: what are these elements to be exploited, which make pictures in the snow so interesting?

The things that attract the most in this specific type of shots that we can define season-landscapes are:

  • specific colors that mark each season (in the case of winter, it’s white) 
  • contrasts
  • the kind of landscape
  • the human presence in the landscape (depending on how the photographer can place it, we can create a sense of alienation and dichotomy or, conversely, a reassuring feeling of everyday life)

To enhance all these elements there are particular techniques:


1 – Colors and contrasts

To photograph a snowy landscape we must enhance the brightness of the white, increasing the exposure time and moving  the exposure compensation to +1 or +2.
Why? Because unlike your eye, the camera perceives the snow and snowy sky as a gray scales, so a photo even slightly underexposed will give you an image tending to gray.

2 – Sharpness

Remember that photographing the snow is not even easy for your body not just for the camera. The recommended overexposure  and the cold, can be the cause of blurred images. For this reason we suggest you to use a monopod or rather a telescopic pole with remote control (of course if you use gloves, give preference those without fingers).

With a Telescopic Pole, along with a remote control system, you will also develop new ideas and expressive possibilities, like a shot from 17 feet high, thus being able to position the lens and the camera in the branches of a bare tree, at the height of a small open window, from the railings of a gate or a fence etc.

Just a little imagination and the maneuverability of a fiberglass pole will open an amazing world of expressive potentials.
A telescopic pole  like our Magic Pole can be a really nice gift under the tree for a friend or family member fond with landscape photography.

3 – People as a part of the landscape

A seasonal landscape is made not only of snowy valleys.
Try using a model that can enhance the normal and surreal essence  of the snow.
In this case we give you two suggestions for an opposite effect:
a. Contrast: dress your model in bright colored clothes, such as canary yellow or red. The stain in white effect  will be very interesting.
b. High Key: clothing the person in white, which must be as similar as possible to that of the snow, the latter will act as a natural panel for a typical high key effect.

snow high keyIMG_0549-1

 4 -Detail in the foreground

Always with the aid of a telescopic mast it is possible to focus on snowflakes during the fall. It is not a simple thing and it requires patience and long waiting times until obtaining the desired result of one or more flakes in the foreground with the background landscape that becomes more and more white.
But for those who are not yet at that level of skill (and patience), the foreground element may also be another, such as a dry leaf remained alone on top of a branch, a small flower that you will find (or put) on snow etc.

foglia e neve

Any other suggestion for an amazing white pic?



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