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So you joined a UAV operator course: what happens next?

What happens to an aspiring professional UAV Operator after the end of the course? What should you do to start working? What are the next steps to be done?

Those who join a UAV operatorcourse probably already know that working with the drones could become an important part of their work, or even the main section of their turnover. Sometimes, during the various stages of the course for the recognition, you become aware of all the activities that can be done with the drones in many different areas. Read more about using drones in the fields of

locandina corsi sapr da 800 euro    Among the things you’ll learn in a UAV operator course there are not only the flight mode, clarifications and technical explanations about the types of drone, but also detailed explanations on how to fly in compliance with the national regulations, what are the critical areas, mixed scenarios and non-critical areas of flight and the important differences from the legal point of view between the various permits and recognitions.


What happens to an aspiring professional UAV Operator after the end of the course? What should you do to start working? What are the next steps to be done?

Let’s see it together and find some good practices that can be very useful.

1 – Have you already chosen your area of specialization?

ragazzo che cammina con un drone in mano e un piccolo zainoAs we mentioned at the beginning of this article and argued extensively in others, choosing an area of specialization can be very important. On the one hand it can be useful to keep a transversal abilities in the services offered, so you can have more customers but, on the other hand, it is useful to become an expert  in the context where you can make the difference, and where maybe you have a thorough previous training. If prior to the course you were a surveyor, probably you have a greater expertise in the field of relief than your drones operator colleagues.

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2 – Learn the right ways to communicate your work

ragazza con tag I am a winner

A good management of your social channels is helpful and important, but explaining nin plain words what you exactly do is even more crucial and hard. We suggest you write it in three to five lines and learn them almost by heart.

It seems a joke or an exaggeration but it is not at all. Almost no one knows very well what is a drone and what are its thousands of actual utilities. Unfortunately there are a lot of UAV operators who are definitely unable to explain the usefulness (even social) of this profession, as we explained in this article about “Why we must not be afraid by the “Game of drones””.

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3 – Create a trusting relationship and constant contact with the entity providing the course

Typhoon-HYour trainers / instructors can be your long term coach. They know the industry, they have certain customers who demand their services and sooner or later they might need (Your) help to manage some of them. If they are, as in the case of aerialclick, also engineers and builders, they can be a crucial benefit at the time of maintenance of your drone, or to keep you up with the latest industry news. FInaly they can be more than useful in the management and procurement of new or first customers.

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