Today, design a new component is more easy and fast!

Designing a new component is not a simple operation! Sometimes, before a new product goes live, it passes lot of time (weeks, months, sometimes years)! Below, in short, all the steps carried out before it arrives to the final release.

La nostra esperienza nel settore ci ha insegnato che progettare un nuovo componente in grado di catturare l’attenzione del mercato, non è una operazione semplice, veloce ed immediata … Sono necessarie settimane, mesi, talvolta anni prima di realizzare un prodotto perfetto che funzioni nel migliore dei modi! For this reason we decided to offer our customers a technical consultant service that could accelerate quickly and professionally the success of a project or an idea.

Below, shortly, all the steps carried out by us before we get to the final “release” of the product.

Market analysis

Before making any product it is necessary to analyze the market and understand if the product that we are going to create will be a success!

Thanks to the professionalism of the people of our team and the experience of people working in, you will have a valid help for your market analysis. You can:

  • understand the market with online tools
  • writing a complete business plan and discover the strengths and weaknesses of the product we are going to achieve

Product design

The market analysis is positive? Well! Let’s starts with the design! At the beginning a basic design, then a complex one also with the help of powerful tools (see Alibre Design) able to display what we need on a LCD screen.

In the same time the most critical components are analyzed and all issues related to the design resolved. Everything is made with the aim to create a reliable, secure and easily maintainable product.

In the same time the product is certified and in compliance with the safety standards.

Prototipe making

Magic Pole 5mSee your object or tool born is something magical, something that in the past didn’t exist and not it’s there!

Thanks to our international partner, we will be happy to create your prototype without waste money! Only after lot of tests the component will go live, always considering your needs and your wishes!

Only in this way a new product comes to life.

Our success is the success of our customer!