Find out how to best advertise your accommodation with fantastic aerial photos!

Pole Photo - MagicPole 5m

Are you the owner of a farm, a restaurant, a hotel or an banquet hall and would you like to advertise your business better?

We have the right answer to you!

If you have a beautiful property, a house or a B&B surrounded by the nature, if you find so difficult to offer your services on the internet and your customers do not appreciate your photos… Try to change perspective!

How? Impress your customers with aerial photos unique and special!

Today the market asket everyday services more competitive and innovative. Own a dream location and DO NOT KNOW how to advertise it means lose new customers, everyday.

So… What to do?

Let your services, your business and your professionalism be appreciated, make the difference respect your competitors! Propose to your customers new fantastic aerial perspectives of your business and show then something not visible from the ground!

Why take aerial photos is a so efficient solution?

With MagicPole, stable, safe and incredible easy to manage system, you can shot aerial photos and propose to your customers fantastic aerial views. The beauty of the nature, a landscape with your structure and his nice architectural detail. These are only some aspects that will make the difference between you and your competitors.


What is the real benefit that Magicpole could offers?

The real benefit is the beauty of the results: you will have a great visibility over internet (lot better respect today) and your potential customers will appreciate your services and environments that make unique your location… And we will be happy to make you happy with your job and your business!

There are some statistics that says that a great aerial view improve your contacts up to the 40%, with incredible benefits in economic terms. According to the data of the National Association of Realtors, 98% of the house customers says that they looked at an house with a great photo. According to the brokerage Redfin, houses and turist structures with photos taken by professionals have 61% more visits than ads without photos!


ore visits = more leads = more revenue!

If this solution is so effective why only few people take aerial photos?

Because take pictures in the past was very expensive and it required special equipment and / or machinery, sometimes even special permission just to take pictures from a few meters height. Are you still not convinced?

So this is the promise of AerialClick: with a minimum expence, MagicPole guarantees the opportunity to be in the first line to be discovered by your customers

If you also want to change perspective to show to your customers, don’t hesite to contact me!