In this page you will find the sale conditions for the products we distribute.

Contractual terms version 1.1, last update 29/01/2014

  • General warranty
  • Special warranties
  • Environmental protection
  • Service and return
  • Shipping costs, mode of payment and refunds
  • Privacy
  • 5.8GHz data transmission
  • Obligations for the buyer
  • Manuals
  • Regulation photography / aerial photographs
  • Withdrawal
  • Disputes

I – General Warranty

All items are covered by regular one-year warranty. Customers could use the warranty to replace a product with defects upon return of the same. Customers are not compensated for damaged, broken or forced entry products. Shipping charges necessary to replace the Products shall be borne by the customer.

In case of the seller responsibility, shall not exceed the price of products purchased by the customer and for which the dispute arose.

If the replacement product is no longer available will give to the customer a choice between a cash refund or buy other products of the same amount excluding shipping charges are to be paid by the purchaser.

II – Special warranties

  • Video Transmitter

All video transmitters are tested and calibrated before the shipment.

Since the transmitters can be easily damaged by incorrect polarity connection, incorrect voltage or improper connections, the is NOT any kind of warranty.

Please note that all video transmitters are sold exclusively for experimental applications of FPV in countries where it is permitted to use and for direct connection with the balloon.

It should be noted that these transmitters are not suitable for video surveillance applications or similar activities as it is not guaranteed to work for more than 20 consecutive minutes.

  • Lithium batteries

All our batteries are CE certified and comply with the current European standards for safety. Since the batteries could be used for many purposes the batteries are tested before shipment so they are fully functioning.

In the rare event that the battery is not working the customer must promptly notify to We not consider under warranty the batteries which are changed original connectors.

Before shipment try to perform two cycles of charge / discharge and then bring to a charge of “storage” for transport.

We’re not liable for damages caused to people.

Remember: batteries must be wasted in separated way because they contain toxic substances and they are highly flammable.

  • Servo and FPV material

All our products are CE certified and comply with the current European standards for safety. The products are covered by a special one month warranty from the date of purchase.

Items for sale are certified by our manufacturers, we are not in any way responsible for the verification of such certifications as we considered only distributors of the products sold.

If our technicians DETECTED through laboratory tests that the product has been used outside the permitted features they warranty will be not valid.

In particular, all video transmitters and receivers are tested in the lab prior to shipment. For these products is NOT provided any kind of warranty after purchase because if not used according to the specifications they can be easily damaged.

  • Radio

These items have 1 year warranty from purchase. The instrumentation, however, will be inspected directly by the manufacturer who will decide to apply the warranty or not. The judgment of the manufacturer’s decision is final and can not be influenced by the dealer. can not be responsible for any reason about the warranty of these products. The reclaim time depends by the producer time.

III – Environmental protection is very concerned with environmental protection. All of our products are low impact of pollution.

We remind you that the batteries must be disposed in special containers. If they are not present in your area you can return the batteries to us and we will address our disposal.

IV – Service and return

All products purchased have a standard warranty of one year.

If the product is declared under warranty the customer will not have any expense (except the shipping to the service center) and you will receive the repaired or replaced product directly to your door by express courier.

If the product will be declared out of warranty for the following reasons:

  • safe warranty seal removed
  • use of the product outside the specifications declared by the manufacturer
  • extensive damage of the product

the product will be repaired after a payment of a fee.

V – Shipping costs, mode of payment and refunds

Payment must be made electronically before the shipment. Our payment systems are certified by Paypal, the most secure system on the market today.

We do not accept cash on delivery. The shipment will be delivered directly to your home via courier who delivers from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Generally, the order is delivered to the carrier within the time limits specified in the individual product page (item delivery).

All costs of storage and eventual return of the package are charged to the customer that must pay additional shipping for delivery at his doorstep.

All shipments are insured, if a insurance is required by the customer when ordering. Upon delivery, subject always advise you to sign, if not in the event of damage from shipment, we can not make any repayment.

VI – Privacy

On 8 May 1997, was approved the law 675/96, which protects the confidentiality of personal data. is attentive to a general principle of confidentiality and respect for the consumer and wish to inform you that your personal data will be processed online and managed only for internal intent. They will be handled directly by our company and will not be disclosed to third parties or disseminated.

Please note that for all transactions made through Paypal and Paypal Pro No data is stored.

VII – 5.8GHz data transmission

In Italy can be used safely all the transmitters to 5.8 Ghz not exceeding 25 MW of power. All our transmission equipment video / data is sold and CE certified as not exceeding the power of 25 MW. will be not liable for damage to persons or property.

Who wants to overpass the power of transmission of 25MW could ask to territorial office showing a copy of the own project.

VIII – Obligations of the buyer

The consumer undertakes, once the purchase process, to print and to keep the present general conditions, which have already read and accepted.

Legislative. N ° 185/1999. It is prohibited to enter false data: personal data and e-mail address must be of real person and not some other person, or fantasy. It ‘expressly forbidden to make double entries for a single person or enter data of third parties.

IX – Manuals

Each product comes with manual, technical specifications and instructions for operation. If it is not included in the package, manual is published online in the support page of our website.

Please note that the manuals are in compliance with European regulations and they could be published only in English.

X – Regulation photography / aerial photographs

Please check your company rules about this. The product is not an aircraft because, even it is operated remotely, is clamped on the ground with ropes. Therefore does not meet the CAA and EASA regulations.

XI – Withdrawal

Withdrawal within 7 days of purchase are accepted. Refunds may only be carried if the package has not be opened. All shipping costs will not be refunded.

XII – Disputes

For any dispute that may exist the competent court of Brindisi will be competent. If you open a dispute you have to contact our law, contact us for any communication on the matter. We will provide you the address by e-mail.

The buyer expressly declares to accept terms n. I, II, IV, V (Limitation of Responsability), no. XI (withdraw from the contract by returning the received product), no. I (lose of the right to denounce the vices), no. XII (exclusive jurisdiction).
Not italian buyer also agrees that the Italian legislation is always applied for any dispute.