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The 3P rule to not get hurt (and hurt) with a drone

Position, Parachute, Project. Simple Tips new drone users.

The drones are innovative and interesting tools but also dangerous, especially for novice users. This article is mainly addressed to them!
There are several  ways to make a safe RC flight, but for beginners there are three important elements to be taken into consideration before knowing even more sophisticated methods for the safety . Here we go:

1 – Position

Before we get to talk about complex elements such as the type of engine, propeller type, materials and assembly, every neophyte should know that there are limitations imposed by the Aviation Authority about the areas where you can fly a quadricopter and on what and how to do it in case you need to fly over crowded areas.
If we are beginners, it’s the case to choose open areas as clearings, beaches out of summer periods and so on. We will be more relaxed when doing maneuvers, while learning to ‘divide the gaze’ between the remote control and aerial acrobatics of our aircraft and improve our reflexes, the key point in the whole process of flight safety.

582 – Parachute

Placing a parachute is the basis of prudence! It is a fundamental object that must not fail, not only for our safety and the one of others … but also of the machine that we purchased.
But not all parachutes are the same! Those denominated MARS are today the best solution because they are equipped with a spring for a quick opening, are easily connected to the drone and are remotely controllable.

3 – Project

No matter if you purchased your drone for professional purposes and provide a better service to your clients or for personal hobby and passion for aerial photography, you must remember that the drones are not toys (otherwise the Aviation Aithority wouldn’t have bothered to make a real regulation about it). For this reason, it is important to contact specialized companies that can project and advise you about the machine best suited to your purpose and follow you step by step in the maintenance and monitoring of security systems.

For further advice and details, please contact us!

Soon an article for the safety, aimed at Dronisti Advanced.

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