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Which frame to choose for your quadcopter?

Choosing a good frame is the base point for a good flight

Once drones had very simple frames, usually based on 4 square tubes connected toghether with two plates. It was the end of the 2000 and the Drones’ era had just begun.

At that time, the autonomy of a drone  lasted less than few minutes and a crashes were very common.

Today, thanks to new technologies and the use of innovative materials, it is possible to adopt frame very light, durable, easy to maintain and beautiful to see. 

Which are the most commonly used frames today?

Thanks to the evolution of science and technology, an incredible amount of materials appeared on the drone market. Today, for example, you can use different materials to achieve extraordinary results,  unthinkable untill a few years ago:

  • Aluminum frame, often made by two plates connected to aluminium tubes. This solution is very simple but very fragile in the event of a violent impact.
  • Frame in glass fiber connected to the aluminum tubes (rectangular or cylindrical section). It’s an affordable and durable solution, with the advantage of being able to play with more complex shapes.
  • Frames made ​​of carbon fiber and aluminum tubes, solution adopted by Drone Hunter that confers high lightness, incredible strength and easy installation.
  • Frame made in perspex and aluminum tubes, the solution adopted by Drone Hunter basic, ideal for those who want to start flying a drone and, at the same time, don’t want to be afraid to break some component. The perspex frame is cheap, light and easy to replace.

 Why using our frames?

Because, thanks to the spaces and internal volumes, you have a high level of autonomy and customization of your drone. Do you want to mount NAZA or Arducopter electronics? With our frame you can do it without any complications and without struggling with tight spaces.

In addition, you can feel comfortable! The canopy made in polycarbonate (the same material used by commercial planes and helicopters) will protect your electronics in the event of an accident.

The spherical shape distributes the force of an impact on the non structural elements of the drone … result? Your electronics (the most expensive element of your drone) will be safe and you will be happy not to have wasted hundreds of Euros… just prepare to a new take off!

See you to the next flight!

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