is a project born from the idea of  Engineer Gaetanocosimo Massari. It was developed since the 2013 with the aim to create “market oriented” objects, starting from the idea to the final productions.

If you are looking top quality and objects based on your needs, do not find over! We love to design and we have the right skills to create what is in your mind! We will be sure that your idea will come to life and the result will be excellent!

Our team

Gaetano Massari


Aerospace Engineer, master degree at the Politecnico of Torino (2005) with 110/110. He worked in the mechanical and aerospace field with a special focus on structural design, analysis and optimization of light structures (alluminium alloy and composite materials).

His background is in Alenia, Accenture e AgustaWestland.

In he is involved into the design, administration and customer support.



Augusta Massari


Lawyer, degree with 110/110 cum laude at LUISS University (Rome).

She is specialized in civil laws, contrats, administration laws and society laws.

In she is involved in all the legal affairs, in particula conctracts and patents.





Our mission

Desing and build drones, telescopic poles and aerial photography systems with the aim to create aerial shots in a very fast and simply way.

 Your success is our success as work team and as expert of this field!